VeraVida Naturals

VeraVida daily supplements build an immune defense that fights back. We only use natural ingredients, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. Recover faster, naturally.

Nature Made Quality

VeraVida’s mushroom complex comes straight from the earth. 

There are no secrets when it comes to our products. We only use the most essential ingredients, vitamins, and minerals.

We believe in transparency and honesty.

We want you to buy our products with confidence, share the benefits with your loved ones, and live a healthier lifestyle with our support.

Your immunity fights free radicals daily. 

A strong immunity fights back and recovers faster. 

VeraVida is the natural option that doesn’t just work today, but every day after.


These have become a staple in our house. My wife and kids get a lingering cold every year so I bought to see if they would help. We’ve been taking them for about three months and I can tell a difference. Even when my kids seem to be coming down with something, with in a day or two they are feeling much better.

Vincent B. | Vermont

I have never been super into taking any supplements but feel we are in a very sensitive time to really care about my health so I came across VeraVida's daily immune booster online and I really liked their mushroom extract ingredients. I def feel overall my body and mood have been so much better.

Sarah K. | New York

I was already using an immune support supplement but felt like I wanted 'more' without adding another vitamin into my routine. VeraVida was exactly what I’m looking for. I even feel more focused and haven’t gotten sick yet this winter. I’ll be buying again!

Tammy M. | Michigan